CISF: Paul Foot and Sean McLoughlin

Comedytrain International Summer Festival: Paul Foot and Sean McLoughlin

Paul Foot: Baby Strikes Back!
Paul, now a fully-disqualified swan psychologist, delves deeper to discover the origins of the gay sperms and once again unleashes his bag of Disturbances. Baby has a plan. Baby never lose. Baby bounce back!
‘Sublime, original and brilliant’ – Independent

Fresh from opening for Ricky Gervais and Bill Burr on tour, Sean McLoughlin (“the best comedian you haven’t heard of yet” – Time Out) takes his acclaimed, smash hit show, Hail Mary, on the road.
The human race is at a crossroads: On one path lies the future, with its twitchy technology and mega-corporations who know us better than we know ourselves; On the other lies the past and all the conflict and mystery that entails. In the middle stands Sean, the unlikely everyman, trying to plot a course for both himself and mankind.
“****1/2 His intellectual and comedic brilliance has everyone rapt” – Chortle

Ticket: €20,- (excluding €1,60 service fee)