Comedytrain International Presents: Phil Wang & Pierre Novellie

Phil Wang is a UK-based stand-up comedian. He has performed at comedy festivals around the world: at the Edinburgh Fringe, Just For Laughs in Montreal, and the Melbourne Comedy Festival. He has also toured through Hong Kong, Malaysia (where half of his heritage is from), Singapore and Japan.
Phil’s profile in the UK is steadily rising, with numerous TV appearances under his belt, including Live at the Apollo (BBC Two) and Have I Got News For You (BBC One).
Phil has been to Amsterdam once before on holiday. He is still upset about Brexit.

Pierre Novellie was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1991 but moved to the Isle of Man when he was seven. He started performing comedy as a student in the Cambridge Footlights and since joining the UK’s professional circuit has won and been nominated for several awards. He runs a podcast called “My Favourite Podcast” and has written for television and radio.

Ticket: € 16,50 (excl. € 1,50 service fee)
Toomler open: 7.30 PM (kitchen open for snacks only)
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