Comedytrain International Summer Festival: Ivan Aristeguieta & Pete Johansson

After escaping Venezuela, and immigrating to Australia, Ivan Aristeguieta became one of Down Under’s hottest comics and now he makes his Dutch debut. He’s now one happy immigrant and he’s squeezing all the privileges that the First World can give him.

Bursting with Latin charm and a passion for mastering the English language, Ivan exploded on to the Australian scene in 2016 with his brilliant observations about his new life in a society, free of dictatorship, poverty and civil strife, only to be replaced by OHS rules, dietary restrictions and expensive mangoes.

Through it all, his show is an uplifting, hilarious and heartfelt take on the immigrant story that saw him find acceptance in a new world, but also began the end of his 16 year marriage, and how we learn for every immigrant this simple axiom rings true:  ‘when you win something, you also lose something’.

Back ‘home’ in Australia, Ivan headlines theatres, sells out festivals and has won numerous awards for live comedy. He has performed at the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival, released a live stand up special, Chorizo Sizzle, for the ABC, and created and starred in his own TV sitcom, Lost in Pronunciation, based on his story. This Third World immigrant has conquered the First World and now he is ready for the countries in the “Old World”. Say ‘Hola’ to your new favourite comedian.

Pete Johansson has earned the title of global headlining comic with a relentless schedule that takes him to every corner of the globe with his unique socially progressive and intellectually challenging, yet accessible comedy that has garnered him a worldwide following. This demand was recently bolstered with his first comedy special You might also enjoy…Pete Johansson released by Netflix simultaneously in 82 countries and a critically acclaimed and powerful appearance on Comedy Central’s ‘This is Not Happening’.

A favourite at festivals, Pete is one of only two Canadians ever nominated for an Edinburgh award at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and has appeared in fringe festivals from South Africa to Australia to Singapore. Originally from Kelowna, Pete started performing in his teens, and developed his art from coast to coast in Canada making his first appearance at The Just For Laughs festival when he was only 24 and following that up with 6 more appearances at the festival over his 20 year career, including 4 galas taped for the CBC.

A relentless writer, and social critic you can always expect an engaging and intriguing show from this once in a lifetime comedian. He is well known for his love of Bears, fear of Bees:)

Ticket: € 20,- (excl. € 1,50 service fee)
​Toomler & kitchen open: 7 PM

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